The 100: “The Other Side” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.


While it would be difficult to replicate the action-driven intensity of last week’s episode, this week’s The 100 sure managed to pack in a ton of impactful, emotional moments – all under the deft direction of The 100 cast member Henry Ian Cusick!

This was a jam-packed episode – at some points it felt maybe too jam-packed, as we’d leave one huge storyline for a long stretch of time before returning to it. But in the end, they all paid off in big ways, as several characters had to make a decision about their fate.

Raven lives! It was upsetting seeing a character like Raven decide to embrace death a couple episodes back, but it laid the groundwork for how meaningful it was to see her decide here, that no, she wanted to survive. The use of Sinclair as her “good angel” (vs. Becca as the bad angel) was perfect. I’m still bitter about Sinclair’s death in Season 3, but letting Raven and her father figure spend this time together – even if he wasn’t truly there – helped as far as giving her much better closure with him. From “You’ll always be with me” to “This is Raven Reyes… and I’m alive,” Raven sure had a lot of lines that it was hard not to get a bit teary-eyed about this week.

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