X-Men: A Brief History of Mutant Hunters


Listen up, bub! The Gifted, the new X-Men television series, premieres on FOX this October 2. Bonus good news: The pilot was directed by none other than Bryan Singer, the man we thank daily for, shall we say, most of the watchable X-Men films (Singer is also a producer of the show). The series is centered on a family who, upon discovering the mutant abilities of their two children, must flee the government and go on the run, becoming hunted along with other persecuted mutants as they fight to survive.

In a refreshing spin, the show may largely ignore the X-Men (or at least, the more popular ones you’re used to seeing), the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and the other usual suspects from that universe, giving audiences the chance to see ordinary folks coming to grips with their powers. While we don’t know a ton of details about the new series yet, we can probably expect at the very least to see the robotic Sentinels used as enforcers against the growing mutant population, as well as a Morlock-esque mutant underground railroad.

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