Bungie Are Showing Off Destiny 2 Gameplay Next Week


Bungie announced today that they will be livestreaming Destiny 2 gameplay on May 18th at 10 AM PT/ 1pm ET. This will mark the worldwide premiere of Destiny 2 gameplay footage, so get ready to have your socked rocked off Guardians.

The official Destiny website now features a countdown clock for the gameplay reveal, and you can even add it to your calendar, if you absolutely need a reminder. Bungie have been hyping the hell out of Destiny 2, and we hope it lives up to at least half of that hype.

For a recap of all the Destiny 2 news, here’s what we know so far.

And the reveal trailer really wants you to take back your home. You’ll be confronting the Red Legion and it’s leader Ghaul after he’s stripped the world’s Guardians of their power. Which is Bungie’s excuse for nerfing us all back to level 1 for the sequel.

You can check out that reveal trailer below as you wait for the gameplay reveal next Thursday.

Bungie Are Showing Off Destiny 2 Gameplay Next Week

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