Master of None: Season 2 Review

What follows is a mostly spoiler-free (beyond basic story points) review for all 10 episodes of Master of None’s Season 2, which is available on Netflix as of Friday, May 12th.

Always an astutely hilarious comedian, and a fun presence on Parks and Recreation, Aziz Ansari’s breadth of creative potential wasn’t fully realized until the show he co-created with Alan Yang (Parks and Rec), Master of None, premiered on Netflix back in the fall of ’15. It was there that Ansari made a huge splash as a writer, storyteller, and performer with a superb series that was original in look, tone, and voice.

With Season 2, Ansari’s screen magic remains strong — stronger, in fact — as the dynamo delivers a fundamentally moving and emotionally sound season filled with heartfelt moments of sadness and joy, both big and small. The comedian’s love of food takes center stage this year, deftly intertwining with a love story arc that’s compelling and devastating in its realness and complexity.

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