Bill Murray Makes A Patriotic Return To ‘The Late Show’ To Perform For Stephen Colbert And Root On The Cubs


Bill Murray’s appearance on the Thursday’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert might not rival his memorable appearances during David Letterman’s tenure on the show, but he did his best. Murray not only busted in on Colbert’s segment on the spat between Melania Trump and Ivana Trump, he did so with a small entourage and a t-shirt cannon. He then shares a drink with Colbert and ends up talking about whatever, even after he joked about shooting the host with his cannon and brought out the perfect response.

Ahead of the show, Murray sent a rallying cry to the Cubs and it must’ve worked. The two discussed Thursday’s game a bit on the couch, but noted that the actual winner wouldn’t be known for quite a while. Funny enough, the Cubs won and it happened right around the town Murray invaded the show.

Later the two were joined by cellist Jan Vogler to talk about how he and Murray met and what brought about their New Worlds project, with Murray reading poetry and performing on top of a few classical tunes. The funny bit here is that Vogler had no idea who Murray was before they met and had never seen any of his famous movies, noting that Murray just had an aura. He’s since caught up on the back catalog, taking in Stripes and Caddyshack.

After an interview with Claire Foy, Murray returned with Vogler to perform a medley from West Side Story that was both odd to take in, pretty funny, and somewhat topical — because what isn’t topical these days. Once Murray and friends reached “America,” they made a point to end on the line “Puerto Rico is in America,” leading to cheers from the crowd.

“Puerto Rico is in America.” – #BillMurray #LSSC

— The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) October 13, 2017

The line exists without Donald Trump, so it’s not like it was tossed in as a protest. But you can’t deny that its use and the crowd reaction took it in that direction. Murray, Vogler, and the rest performed another song in a special online clip from Colbert, with Murray reading ‘Blessing the Boats’ by Lucille Clifton while accompanied by the music of “Saint Säens.” It is certainly something different from Murray, but it’s pleasant at the same time.

(Via The Late Show)

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