‘South Park’ Creator Matt Stone Would Like To Make A First-Person Shooter

Even after the constant pushbacks and deadlines and updates for the latest South Park video game The Fractured But Whole, it appears the video game bug still resides within both creators of the series. But more specifically, it appears co-creator Matt Stone would like to explore the option of creating a first-person shooter. In an interview with IGN, Stone expressed interest in the genre, and not even specifically with South Park in mind. Here’s a brief snippet from the interview about the current game.

Stone went on to note how the role-playing genre is such a good fit for South Park, saying, “I love the way we do [The Fractured But Whole] and Stick of Truth where the whole conceit behind those is it looks like the show.” Parker also pointed out how “RPGs just play so well into… writing, and applying to characters,” which makes the genre such a good fit for South Park.

Now keep in mind that South Park as a whole are no strangers to first-person shooters, as one of their first ventures into gaming came with the N64/PS1 title of the same name, which was heavily panned. Granted, we’ve come a long way in twenty years, but if South Park or any other title from Stone becomes an FPS, they’ve got a tall hill to climb.

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