The Super Famicom Is Getting An Old Title Made New Again

Back in the mid-’90s when the Super Famicom was riding high in Japan, it had a system called Satellaview, which was a physical add-on that attached to the base of the system and connected to the internet to broadcast live games, manga, the first experiments in downloadable content and more through a subscription service. We didn’t get that in America because our online infrastructure wasn’t as close-knit as Japan’s at that time, but we came pretty close until the system was scraped in 1999. A lot of Satellaview games have been dug up in recent years, including the special Legend Of Zelda games that were only playable live until someone found the games.


The reason we’re talking about this is because an old game that was only available on the Satellaview is being released to fans in Japan as a physical copy. Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero was an awesome beat-’em-up side-scroller release in 1997 and was a sequel to what we know as Shockman (which the original was made available on the Wii VC in 2007). By all accounts, this was one of the hidden gems of the online system that should have seen a full release. Masaya Games, the original developer, will be releasing a cartridge version of the title for roughly ¥6,998 (roughly $62) to celebrate the game’s 20th Anniversary. The production will be extremely limited and will only be in Famicom cartridges, which means anyone in North America or Europe will need to dig up their old adaptors if they wish to play.

The Super Famicom Is Getting An Old Title Made New Again

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