Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Faces The Vision Of Bahamut In The Latest Event


The latest raid event to come to Square Enix’s mobile game, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, is the Vision of Bahamut, in which players face the King of Espers. Bahamut is one of the many recurring bosses of the Final Fantasy series, often as a force of evil, but sometimes as a helpful eidolon for your team to summon. But no matter what form Bahamut takes – that of a massive swirling miasma of evil or something more like a dragon – the so called King of Espers is always massively powerful and essentially worldbreaking. So, in terms of raid bosses, there is none better in the Final Fantasy universe than Bahamut.

In Brave Exvius, Bahamut returns to draconic form, and the fluff that accompanies him in the announcement is pretty suitably badass. That fluff reads, “Bahamut… its massive wings are spoken of as legends, not only because of their ability to roast enemies, but also because of the indomitable power they hold to fly freely between dimensions. Having awakened, this dragon reborn now takes to the skies. If Bahamut is able to fully recover it’s power, there will be none who can stand against it.” Kind of nice that you’re only facing his shadow this time, huh?


Players can fight the Shadow of Bahamut in the dimensional vortex until Thursday, May 26th during the Vision of Bahamut raid event. Players can also get the following special summons during the event. These four summons are called “Dragon Killers” for their abilities to face down Bahamut. Those characters are FFII‘s Firion, FFBE‘s Reberta, FFBE‘s Zyrus, and FFIV‘s Kain. Reberta and Zyrus are new summons, meanwhile the drop rates for Firion and Kain have increased during the time of the event.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Faces The Vision Of Bahamut In The Latest Event

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