Vikings season 5: Alex Hogh Andersen on what’s next for Ivar

Late November is set to bring us a fifth season of Michael Hirst’s epic History Channel series Vikings, and with filming already underway on season 6 in Ireland, we’re still excitedly gathering together all the things we know so far about what lies ahead of us this year.

In a recent interview with Bleeding CoolAlex Hogh Andersen, who plays the all-grown-up version of Ivar The Boneless, fielded some questions about what’s in store for his character.

Mild spoilers ahead!

“He’s in remorse at the beginning of season 5,” revealed the actor. “Because he knows the killing of his brother created a wound with the other brothers, and I don’t think he’ll ever be able to heal from that. He let everyone see the loss of control, his weakness, and he struggles with it. You’ll see him try to control those emotions doing this season.”

Andersen went on to add that “The responsibility of leading the army takes its toll [in season 5]. And Ivar is ready for it, but it’s a challenge, and he’ll learn from his mistakes. He’ll never let anyone stand in the way of his goals. He’s so progressive; he’s not afraid of using violence to get his ways.”

And while Ivar’s greatest enemy has often been himself, he’ll find he has a much greater foe to deal with in Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ Bishop Heahmund this season.

“Jonny is phenomenal; it was such a great pleasure working with him. He’s just so intense. His character is really what Michael [Hirst] and I talked about, creating this archenemy for Ivar. Because if Ivar didn’t have anyone like this, who’s as similar as him, it would be kind of close to a walk in the park for Ivar. He needs someone just as extreme and as much of a powerhouse as him to really push him,” he explained. “Having these two characters square off is amazing; you’ll see a lot of scenes with these two. The interesting thing is they really understand each other. It’s that thing where you have your biggest enemy and you hate him, but you do understand him. You come from the same place, you have the same ideas and goals, and there is a mutual respect there. You’ll see that.”

We’ll bring you more as we have it.

Vikings season 5 release date

Vikings season 5 will start on November 29th with a massive two-hour premiere.

Feel free to flick over to page 2 now for all the latest on season 5’s cast and story, along with all the new trailers and clips…

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