Injustice 2: Official Joker Gameplay Trailer Arrives

Thanks to a new trailer and gameplay footage, the Clown Prince of Crime has finally joined the action for Injustice 2. Mere weeks before the arrival of the follow-up to the popular game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Warner Bros. Interactive Games has given us no shortage of looks at the new game. From story trailers to gameplay footage, we’ve learned about many of the heroes and villains who will populate the new game, and what moves and allegiances they’ll have. And for the heroes of the game, things are looking bleak.

Among the many evil alliances that will exist in Injustice 2, we’ve seen Gorilla Grodd marshaling his forces with the likes of Captain Cold and Bane. Meanwhile, the Catwoman trailer sees Harley Quinn trying to recruit Selina Kyle to join her Gotham City Sirens. As to whether Harley’s beau, The Joker would be present in the game, many have assumed as much. Still, we haven’t …

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