Why Boba Fett and the Bounty Hunters Deserve a Movie


The words bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe tend to be synonymous with one character: Boba Fett. The character and his memorable armor have appeal, to be sure, but he’s not the only being for hire in the galaxy. Droids, aliens, and humanoids have all taken credits for hunting down individuals from the heart of the Empire to the Outer Rim. They often fend for themselves in order to make the maximum amount of profit, but sometimes they team up Ocean’s 11 style when the job calls for different talents and specialties… and also has a gigantic enough payout that it’s still sizable when it’s split multiple ways. That last part is key.

In the Star Wars movies, we’ve spent time around the Fetts, Zam Wesell, and 4-LOM to name a few. The animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars introduced the likes of the stylish hat-wearing Cad Bane and Sugi. Dengar keeps appearing in stories in the current storytelling universe for some reason. But in the days of the Expanded Universe/Legends books and comics, the plots mostly focused on the bounty hunters we met in the original trilogy.

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