‘Quake Champions’ Introduces “Duel Mode” To Show Who Is Boss


Not satisfied with a victory over a team or specific person? Got something to prove beyond multiplayer battles? Quake Champions is going to give you a shot at showing people who the best of the best is in the new Duel Mode. Duel Mode is a 1-v-1 showdown that will introduce a new layer of strategy to your choice of fighter and map, incorporating multiple characters with differing Abilities. The new mode will have players selecting three Champions in a snake-style draft before battling it out. It’s essentially a Marvel vs. Capcom scenario with Quake characters and levels, and once all of your chosen fighters are killed, you lose. Bethesda threw out a trailer for the mode today, which will probably be making it’s way to the beta shortly.

‘Quake Champions’ Introduces “Duel Mode” To Show Who Is Boss

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