The Flash #22 Review

“The Button” has been a strangely slow-paced crossover, especially considering that the whole story is only four-issues long. Those hoping the pace might finally pick up in the fourth chapter will be disappointed. “The Button” is clearly a story geared more towards character relationships than plot progression. And for the most part that’s fine, but this issue does wrap the crossover on a slightly hollow note.

Readers will likely be struck by just how little Tom King and Joshua Williamson have advanced the larger DC Rebirth narrative by the end of this issue. We don’t really have any greater insight into Doctor Manhattan’s role or even what Reverse-Flash saw when he met “God” back in Batman #21. Heck, the recent announcement of Doomsday Clock was probably more informative than the entirety of “The Button.” There’s one big development in this issue, but the long-term significance of that is very unclear.

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