Farpoint for PSVR Review

Farpoint is one of the first games developed for PlayStation VR that feels like more than a tech demo, a proof of concept, or a traditional game with VR features slapped on as an afterthought. That works to its advantage, because while it would be a mediocre shooter if you played it on a normal screen, in VR it feels good, especially when you play with the new PlayStation VR Aim Controller.

Like any good VR game, Farpoint makes concessions for the limitations of virtual reality. For example, in story missions enemies only ever come at you from the front, which lets you play the whole game without having to turn around much. By traditional shooter standards it’s boring design, but in Farpoint it helps stave off the motion sickness some people experience in VR and avoids issues with moving outside the bounds of where the PlayStation Camera can detect you or your controller (which can be a DualShock or the gun-shaped Aim). And unlike something like The London Heist or Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Farpoint doesn’t feel like a simplistic shooting gallery because you can move around its environments freely. There’s also a wide variety of foes that behave intelligently in combat, and big levels that encourage you to pop from cover to cover as your enemies gain ground and try to flank you.

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