The Internet Was Rocked By HBO’s ‘Mommy Dead And Dearest’


Mommy Dead And Dearest, the latest gripping crime documentary from HBO, hit the streaming service on Monday night, and viewers were immediately sucked into the tale of abuse, secrets, and murder. The harrowing tale of Gyspy Rose Blanchard, a girl who murdered her mother, Dee Dee, after a lifetime of abuse had viewers riveted. Although Gypsy Rose was told that she was chronically ill and handicapped by her mother from a young age, these diagnoses were actually false and a product of her mother’s Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Eventually, in order to escape her life and be with her secret boyfriend that she met online, Gypsy Rose murdered her mother. As Mommy Dead And Dearest dove into the insane details of the case and what circumstances drove a girl to kill her own mother, Twitter users were left dumbstruck by the documentary.

MUST WATCH: “Mommy Dead and Dearest” on HBOgo. Holy SHIT.

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) May 17, 2017

#MommyDeadAndDearest got me fckeddddd up

— Jaz (@candypattons) May 16, 2017

Hope the girl gets out & sues the doctors,hospitals that drugged & performed unnecessary surgeries #MommyDeadAndDearest

— Trisha Donato (@TrishaDonato) May 16, 2017

if anyone’s looking for a new doc to watch, make it #MommyDeadandDearest. fantastic work by @HBODocs on a totally bonkers true crime story.

— Cristina Everett (@cristinaeverett) May 17, 2017

Holy shit. #MommyDeadandDearest so fucking crazy, weird, & sad. Also, the nephew with the face tat is the most rational person on this doc.

— Allie Cunningham (@alliedick) May 17, 2017

#munchausenbyproxy #MommyDeadAndDearest

This documentary left me speechless.

— S. Collins (@scollins_mhc) May 16, 2017

Watching #MommyDeadAndDearest like

— Ashley Nagy (@nagyberryyy) May 16, 2017

I can’t decide if this girl is a sweet victim or a master manipulator. #MommyDeadAndDearest

— Jaclynn Knecht (@jaclynn_k) May 16, 2017

Me watching #mommydeadanddearest

— babynova✨ (@SandiNowa) May 17, 2017

#MommyDeadAndDearest if the murder itself wasn’t so brutal, she MIGHT have gotten off. The system failed her every step of the way.

— NipplesAndToes23 (@BaconSexSleep) May 17, 2017

#MommyDeadandDearest this is soooo messed up! 😨 I can’t believe what that mother put her little girl through 💔

— Kirsty (@KirstyH93) May 17, 2017

I’m not sure whether I’m deeply disturbed or highly intrigued after watching #mommydeadanddearest

— Stacey Joseph (@staceyloujo) May 17, 2017

How did SO MANY PEOPLE fail Gypsy? From her family to her doctors, it just seemed like everyone turned a blind eye. #mommydeadanddearest

— Jill Johnson (@jillybean1220) May 17, 2017

@HBO documentary #Mommydeadanddearest

— Erika Lyn (@loveeorh8e) May 17, 2017

If you haven’t yet watched the documentary that has everyone talking, it is currently streaming on HBO Now/HBO Go. You will definitely be left with questions about how the system could have possibly failed one girl so badly and the situations that can push people to commit the most heinous crimes. It’ll definitely leave you feeling ill at ease and yet unable to look away.

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