CD Projekt Red Will Not Be Involved In The Making Of The Netflix Witcher Series


First off, if you haven’t already heard, Netflix is making a TV series based off of the Witcher series, but developer CD Projekt Red will not be involved in the production.

“CD Projekt Red is actually not involved in this. We wish this project all the best and are looking forward to watching the series on Netflix,” a representative for the studio told IGN yesterday. This is good news for writer Andrzej Sapkowski who created Geralt of Rivia, the world he inhabits, and who crafted several of the storylines that have made it into the game. Sapkowski famously receives no royalties off of CD Projekt Red’s game adaptations, because he wasn’t prepared for the game series to take off. In his own words, ‘What I expect from an adaptation: a big bag of money. That is all.’ So he didn’t expect for the games to hurt his book sales as much as they have.

With CD Projekt Red out of the way for the Netflix series, Sapkowski is the only one who will be receiving royalties off the show – assuming he learned from past mistakes before signing this contract, that is. Given his recent interview about the games, I’m almost certain he’s figured out that royalties are key where The Witcher is concerned.

That isn’t to say that the Netflix series will be completely devoid of influence from the games, as Tomas Baginski will direct at least one episode of the show. Baginski direct the intro videos for all three Witcher games, so it is likely that his episode -if nothing else – draws from the games.

As for CD Projekt Red, they’re having a ton of fun with their Witcher III spin-off, Gwent, which is getting a public beta test later this month.

CD Projekt Red Will Not Be Involved In The Making Of The Netflix Witcher Series

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