Vikings season 5 episode 4 trailer and synopsis

The fifth season of Michael Hirst’s epic History Channel series Vikings has begun, and we’ll be bringing you weekly previews right here – trailers, sneak peeks, promotional images, interview nuggets, and maybe even a spoiler or two (don’t worry, we’ll mark them clearly if you prefer to avoid them).

Here’s the trailer for episode 4, ‘The Plan’…

[embedded content]

And here’s the synopsis…

Guided by Bishop Heahmund’s visions, the Saxons devise a battle plan. Ivar the Boneless strategizes on his own as the Vikings undergo increasing pressure. Bjorn Ironside finds himself in a new territory and must convince the local commander he is a trader and not a raider.

More as we have it.

Vikings season 5 release date

Vikings season 5 began on November 29th in the US with a massive two-hour premiere. Amazon are streaming new episodes less than 24 hours later here in the UK. 

As some fans may be aware, the History channel over here hasn’t yet finished showing the fourth season, and if that’s where you’re watching it, we’ve got some further news for you: they’ve now confirmed they’ll begin the back half of season 4 from Tuesday 9th January at 9pm. We suspect many of you gave up long ago and switched to Prime, though!

Feel free to flick over to page 2 now for all the latest on season 5’s cast and story…

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