Gamers React To #FyreFestival And It Is Gold


So, Ja Rule‘s Fyre Festival has managed to unite the entirety of Twitter in mocking rich kids, because rich kids are an easy target, and have made it pretty easy to mock them. Sure, they got ripped off, but people live in worse conditions than the tents and poor accommodations of Fyre Festival all the time. In fact, many would probably kill for any amount of clean water at all even if it isn’t much.

Now that isn’t to say that Fyre Festival is not a nightmare. It absolutely is one hell of a mess. as our own Rich Johnston reported, “there was a) no food, b) there was a bit of a crime spree c) wild dogs roamed the area and d) the glamping tents were the worst.” Yes, Fyre Festival is a living nightmare for the people stuck in it. But for those of us at home who simply looked at that $5k price tag and laughed, the schadenfreude has hit pretty damn hard.

The reactions included the required Sean Spicer meme.

#fyrefestival was the most successful music festival ever. PERIOD.” #fyrefest

— Trevor Martin (@Trevor_Time) April 28, 2017

The equally required stills and gifs of Dave Chapelle‘s Ja Rule sketch.

Everyone at #FyreFestival right now #FyreFest

— EdWord (@HeadWeird_0) April 28, 2017

And a slate for an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia which I would absolutely watch and which would absolutely be Fyre Festival.


— Kevlarlives (@Kevlarlives) April 28, 2017

But some of the most interesting references, outside of the Lord of the Flies jokes, were the gamer reactions. Because there are so many games where you scrounge around for worse food and with zero accommodations. Literally every RPG ever. Except maybe Skyrim where you had thousands of cabbages in your 8 massive houses, but you could not kill a single chicken in the course of saving the world from dragons without getting fined for it – or worse.

Without any further ado, here are the highlights from gamers reacting to the hilariousness of #FyreFestival.

Wow some of the photos coming out of #FyreFestival are depressing as hell

— Brian Altano (@agentbizzle) April 28, 2017

#fyrefestival …DEAD ISLAND rules apply . Zombie rampage begin ….

— sistersmercy aka ian (@hamy1973) April 28, 2017

Its like Far Cry 3 if you replaced meaningful and rememberable characters with incompetent rich kid #fyrefestival

— Seanicus (@SeanicusGaming) April 28, 2017

2K Games presents BioShock: Fyre Island #fyrefestival

— TheShark (@TheShark77) April 28, 2017

Breaking with the entire point of this post, however, this one is my personal favorite, because we all remember the Dashcon ball pit.

As compensation for any ill will caused by #fyrefestival
Official Staff has announced all attendees will get an extra hour in the ballpit.

— Mom (@truongasm) April 28, 2017

Gamers React To #FyreFestival And It Is Gold

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