Alien: Covenant Figures Revealed for #FacehuggerFriday

The upcoming action figures in NECA’s Alien: Covenant line have been revealed on #FacehuggerFriday, just as the new film makes its way into theaters. Thanks to the longevity of the Alien movie franchise since it began in 1979, toy – and collectible -makers have been blessed with a big enough market to continually produce product from all six films in the series. That, of course, includes lots of items based on Alien: Covenant, including some upcoming 1:6 scale figures from Hot Toys, as well as Xenomorph and Neomorph vinyl collectible figures from Funko.

NECA, meanwhile, has specialized in 7-inch scale figures from the Alien saga as well over the years, including figures of key characters – Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), …

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