Six New Wonder Woman Clips Give Best Look At Film Yet

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman just released a slew of new clips that give the longest, clearest look at the movie yet. Gal Gadot is ready to take center stage as Diana Prince, the Amazonian princess who develops into the title character to fight in World War I. The final trailer revealed some of the key elements of the Wonder Woman story and gave glimpses of some of its more explosive action scenes.

However, besides the trailers and plenty of images, Wonder Woman hasn’t revealed many closer looks at the movie. There hasn’t been a whole lot of the scenes between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) beyond one recent clip, and there haven’t been many extended looks at Wonder Woman in action beyond a clip of her fighting General Erich Ludendorff (Danny Huston). A slew of new extended clips from the movie changes that.

Warner Bros. released a trove of new Wonder Woman clips, giving the best glimpse …

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