People Were Not Happy With The Rock’s Weird ‘Robot’ Sketch On ‘SNL’

The Rock had a pretty solid outing while hosting his fifth episode of Saturday Night Live, performing some hilarious individual sketches and a few duds for a strong finish to the season. One particular sketch, which will pretty much be known as the “child molesting robot” sketch from here on out, was one of the best sketches of the night but elicited a decidedly mixed reaction from the audience.

The bit, which was definitely one of the darker sketches SNL has aired in a while, ended with a surprising punchline that had some of the internet roaring with approval. But some others were decidedly on the other side of the fence and didn’t appreciate SNL airing it in the first place, with or without the punchline’s twist. Of course, it’s impossible to tell whether the people who are upset even watched as far as the punchline but whatever the reason, people were displeased.

Many of the reactions stemmed from the fact that the sketch ever made it to air, protesting against finding humor in children being harmed — even if there wasn’t actually any child molestation on air (obviously).

@nbcsnl @TheRock @tomhanks Child molester robot was not the slightest bit funny

— Gale Scheelar (@GScheelar) May 21, 2017

The Rock’s child molesting robot. #SNL

— Rachel Cullen (@rachelcullen201) May 21, 2017

A child molesting robot. Who the hell even thinks this is funny? Who the hell wrote this? This is disgusting! #SNL #SNLFinale #THEROCK

— Dana (store name) (@sagesurge) May 21, 2017

I’m so confused about why @TheRock would do that child molesting robot skit on #SNL #disappointed 🤔

— Nova Perry, Esq. (@supanovaesq) May 21, 2017

A child molesting robot?? @nbcsnl ?? To far. Bitches. @TheRock

— Rebecca Rolen (@rrolen1) May 21, 2017

The SNL SKIT with The Rock and evil child molesting robot gets a Thumbs down. Harming children isn’t funny. SNL crossed the line here

— Ramon Key Jr. (@RamonKeyJr) May 21, 2017

Really, SNL? How on earth did that pedophile robot sketch make it to air? Just gross and pointless. Disappointed in the Rock for doing it.

— Siobhan (@redheadedwitch) May 21, 2017

Woah. So confused about the “child molesting robot” on @nbcsnl tonight. So dark I don’t even know @TheRock @SNLUpdate

— Caitlin Harbison (@cjsharbison) May 21, 2017

@TheRock Love you but NOT child molesting robot skit!! Bad form.

— GinaQueen (@ReginaPatton20) May 21, 2017

#SNL makes a skit about a child molesting Robot- Why would it ever be ok to make jokes about something so serious?! #shameonSNL&TheRock

— MoWanderer (@MoWanderer) May 21, 2017

.@TheRock #snl What were you thinking with robot child molester skit? #NotFunny You can do better

— Shayce Johnston (@ShayceJohnston) May 21, 2017

@TheRock @nbcsnl The robot skit was disgusting, you have children, you could have said no. No wonder I haven’t watched SNL in years.

— Trish Clark (@trishannclark) May 21, 2017

Hang your heads in shame @nbcsnl+lorne michaels+ @TheRock Robot skit = one skit too far. Bottom of barrel SNL comedy writers = clueless…

— Andrée McLeod (@AndreeMcLeod) May 21, 2017

Other reactions were mostly okay with the sketch and saw the humor (even if it was dark) in it, while also questioning how this might affect The Rock’s long-term “political aspirations.”

#SNLFinale is making me love @TheRock ! Hilarious ! Child molesting robot… haha

— Sandra Furnbach (@sfurnbac) May 21, 2017

#SNLFinale @TheRock #Saturdaynightlive That robot will put the entire Priesthood out of business

— Bre Sta (@BreSta7) May 21, 2017

The Rock presenting a child molesting robot is weirdly amusing #SNL


Omigod that’s so fucked up it made me laugh. The evil robot entry by The Rock and the reactions. #SNL #SNLFinale

— MB (@Sugarcubedog) May 21, 2017

The child molesting robot skit is insane! The Rock is crazy.

— Timothy Tingley (@timothy_tingley) May 21, 2017

At least @TheRock only made a robot that’s a sexual predator. His opponent actually is one. #SNLFinale #JohnsonHanks2020

— Tyler McCall (@tyler_mccall) May 21, 2017

well, The Rock definitely isn’t running for president after that child-molesting robot sketch

— bart (@bart_smith) May 21, 2017

“I went in a slightly different direction with the assignment.” The Rock’s robot SNL skit is incredible.

— Sean Clark (@DrClarkIPresume) May 21, 2017

#SNLFinale I guess there will be no political career for The Rock. Not after “the child molesting robot.” Still, he’s not Anthony Weiner.

— Timothy Tingley (@timothy_tingley) May 21, 2017

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