American Gods: “Git Gone” Review


Full spoilers for American Gods continue below.

We are only four episodes (and halfway) into American Gods’ first season, but already it’s delivered a much-needed change of pace and a new perspective. After following Shadow Moon’s story for three episodes and offering various Old Gods the opportunity to come into the spotlight, showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green pressed pause and told Laura Moon’s side of the story — and it turned out to be the best possible decision.

American Gods intentionally only shows Shadow’s perception of Laura up until this point: the delicate woman of his dreams who inexplicably betrayed him. Something always felt off about this portrayal, from her disembodied voice coming through the prison phone in the pilot to the goddess-like way Shadow visualized her. In “Git Gone,” we realize something was off, and the humanizing way this episode revealed to us the person who is Laura Moon is its greatest strength. She’s not the woman Shadow thought she was, and that makes her a better character for this story.

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