Get A Better Look At Kū In The Latest Nightmarchers Trailer

Today we got the latest trailer fromWyrmbyte Studios for their upcoming game Nightmarchers, which taps into some ancient Hawaiian culture and makes many of the gods they used to worship characters in the game. This time around we get a look at Kū, who appears to be one of the more dominant beings in the culture. Below is a little bit of information sent in a PR sheet today about the character, along with a trailer showing off his look and some abilities.

As the island is overrun by raiders, the gods spring forth to serve as your guides in the battle. Once Kai repairs their sacred shrines, the gods will join your quest. Our first god featured is Kū the Hawaiian god of war and sacrifice. Kū will grant you weapons of powerful mana that can be used against your foes. If you want to become a spiritual warrior then following the gods is your journey. Kū was not only known as the god of war, this deity was a farmer and aided the people of Hawaii in a time of great famine. His sacrifice transformed into the Ulu tree to feed his people. With so much history in this tropical paradise calling upon the gods for guidance is one of the fascinating features in Nightmarchers.

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