Twin Peaks: Premiere Review


Warning: Full spoilers for the two-hour Twin Peaks revival follow – and, naturally, major spoilers for the show’s original run as well.

How is this happening?

How am I writing a review of a new episode of Twin Peaks in 2017?

We live in the era of the TV revival (Arrested Development! The X-Files! Gilmore Girls! Prison Break! Will & Grace! Roseanne!) but the fan hope for more Twin Peaks was one that was as passionately fueled as it was seemingly futile for oh-so many years. There just seemed to be too many reasons it wouldn’t happen… until one day it did.

I have no doubt these new episodes will be met with plenty of disdain by a notable portion of viewers – something I think could be safely predicted even before seeing the two-hour premiere. Last week, Matt Zoller Seitz had a great piece at Vulture articulating the reasons why this felt inevitable, which included the fact that the aspects of Twin Peaks people look back on fondly are far from the only notable things about the show, and there was a lot of evidence (including the tone of the trailers, the feel of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and, well, most David Lynch movies since) that a new version of Twin Peaks from David Lynch and Mark Frost would lean into the darker, slower, and altogether more polarizing aspects of the series over the fun, quirky side that — while certainly “weird” — was also more openly endearing.

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