12 Monkeys: Season 3 Finale Review


Full spoilers for the 12 Monkeys: Season 3 finale follow. Click here for our spoiler-free overall review of 12 Monkeys: Season 3.

This is a story that begins at the end and ends at the beginning, so I guess it makes sense that 12 Monkeys has repeated their big twist from Season 2’s finale and revealed the identity of The Witness again at the end of Season 3. But for real this time. And wasn’t it the greatest? The pay-off was two-fold: one, Cole and Cassie’s son isn’t evil (whew!) and two, Olivia gets to be the Big Bad she was built to be. We ended up in the same places as we did last year too: the house of cedar and pine in 1959, and Titan in 2163, but everyone was changed, and everything had a different meaning.

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