Into the Badlands: Season 2 Finale Review


Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

“Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire” isn’t a perfect end-cap to this season of Into the Badlands. Only some of this season’s characters and running storylines actually received something resembling closure tonight. But if the measure of a good episode is one that provides equal parts stylish, butt-kicking action and character drama, then it’s hard to complain much about how this season wrapped.

This episode at least covered the most important bases, bringing Sunny and Baijie’s cross-country journey to a close. For Sunny, this episode was a chance to redeem himself, save his family and finish the job he started last year in terms of killing his former master. For Baijie, he was able to prove once and for all that he’s a far better, nobler man than he lets on. For these two characters, the finale was pretty much everything I could have wanted.

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