The First Reactions To The ‘Twin Peaks’ Premiere Are In And People Seem Delightfully Puzzled


So, you may have heard that Twin Peaks is back. After some vague and creepy teasers, the cult hit returns for a limited series on Sunday evening on Showtime. Despite only running for two seasons in the very early ’90s, the enduring appeal of the eerie drama has never waned. Decades later, people are still obsessed with who killed Laura Palmer.

When auteur David Lynch revealed that he would be bringing Twin Peaks back for a limited series on Showtime, it was immediately clear that fans were ready to obsess over the surreal show once again. While many debated whether or not bringing it back was the best idea, the general consensus was that they would be watching. Now that the first episode has aired, fans have gotten yet another sip of that damn fine cup of coffee. And how did it go down? It’s safe to say that people are pleased and freaked out to be back in this strange, atmospheric world.

If you live tweet #TwinPeaks, red curtains will appear and David Lynch will step out as Gordon Cole to shout at you: “JUST WATCH THE SHOW!!”

— Nate🎦Ruegger (@NateRuegger) May 22, 2017

To think, there are gonna be people tonight who watch Twin Peaks and think, “so, what, it’s like a weirder, R-rated version of Riverdale?”

— Ross 🐼 Miller (@ohnorosco) May 22, 2017

It IS happening again! That gum I like DID come back in style. Today I am giving myself a gift and letting it happen! #TwinPeaks

— elisabetheverts (@sleepdepgirl) May 22, 2017

Me when the #TwinPeaks theme started playing

— Brian (@BriNott) May 22, 2017

David Lynch is the king of cinematic surrealism. #twinpeaks

— 8_bit_synth (@16BitSynth) May 22, 2017

This really is the best television I have ever seen. Intriguing, comforting and terrifying. #TwinPeaks

— Stace Blondel (@MechLob) May 22, 2017

Judging by some of these posts, some of these people have never seen a David Lynch movie before, let alone #TwinPeaks

— me!! (@parkslopegrrl) May 22, 2017

I think the simplest way to describe Twin Peaks would be “Waking Fever Dream”#TwinPeaks

— Danielle🌙 (@hhawkmothh) May 22, 2017


— Rohan Mathur (@RidersOvRohan) May 22, 2017

#TwinPeaks I’ll own it: I burst into tears at one point during episode 1. #myloghasamessageforyou

— Michael Stephens (@mstephens7) May 22, 2017

me at 9:00 vs me thirty minutes into #twinpeaks

— mehera bonner (@meherbear) May 22, 2017


— Suzannah (@zanner_) May 22, 2017

You vs. The man she tells you not to worry about #twinpeaks

— Burning in HECK (@DeadBologna) May 22, 2017

Lol. Same #twinpeaks humor, anxiety, and frustration. @Showtime

— Kelsey! (@kleckB0t) May 22, 2017

David Lynch is still the master. This is amazing. #twinpeaks

— ghost_rectangle (@ManForgotUs) May 22, 2017

I’m watching with the Closed Captioning on, and I’m really amused by all the [ominous whooshing] and [ominous music]. #TwinPeaks

— Mala Bhattacharjee (@badnecklace) May 22, 2017

Agent Cooper with long hair? #twinpeaks

— Heather Foley (@HotelFoxtrot) May 22, 2017

How I’m supposed to sleep now..I do not know #TwinPeaks

— ohitslaci (@missparis2010) May 22, 2017

Feeling unsettled, in a seeing Eraserhead as a teen kind of way, after watching the first new #TwinPeaks episode.

— Christopher Vaughan (@chrisllvaughan) May 22, 2017

Thank you @Showtime for bringing #twinpeaks back. I haven’t been this happy in awhile. #twinpeaks #DavidLynchlover #nevernottrippy

— christina mihalek (@deveto13) May 22, 2017

The #twinpeaks return was a two hour crash course on why ‘Lynchian’ is an adjective.

No one does it like him.

— AJ Moser (@AndMoser) May 22, 2017

That made no sense in the best possible way. #TwinPeaks

— BlackbyrdGyrl (@BlackbyrdGyrl) May 22, 2017

That was creepy, haunting, and beautiful. What a return. #twinpeaks

— Bobby Bradshaw (@BobbyFuria) May 22, 2017

current status #TwinPeaks

— Jared Rea (@jaredr) May 22, 2017

Yes, you could say that people were sufficiently shaken by the two-hour season premiere. As the series continues to spin its web of weird characters and strange happenings, it seems like fans are more than willing to let David Lynch take them on a wild ride (even when they have no idea what’s going on).

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