Both Jimmy Fallon And Chris Jericho Ran Afoul Of Elias At WWE Raw 25


It’s only been a couple of weeks since Chris Jericho tore the house down with Kenny Omega at New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom 12. While Y2J is still very much involved in some big storylines over in NJPW, he will always consider WWE his home. To prove it, he made sure to be in the house at the Barclays Center when Raw celebrated its 25th anniversary on Monday night.

Raw 25 certainly isn’t lacking for star power, of course. The dang thing opened up with Steve Austin delivering Stunners to Vince and Shane McMahon, and the Undertaker returned to the tiny Manhattan Center to … say something, that’s for sure!

Still, it was wonderful to see Jericho return backstage in order to give the business to Elias, a wannabe rock star with scarves, who is nothing like the ACTUAL rock star with scarves, but still close enough to warrant an impromptu diss track and a making of the list. But that wasn’t the only notable individual Elias had a run-in with on Monday night.

Elias then went out for his normal “I hate this town” concert, as scheduled, and after threatening to NOT perform, due to the unruly crowd, he singled out a celeb sitting in the front row: TV’s funnyman Jimmy Fallon!

Elias was, of course, interrupted in the middle of HIS diss track by the returning (always returning) John Cena, who apparently hasn’t gotten “make Elias look like a jackass” out of his system. Thankfully (for us here at With Spandex, anyway), Elias delivered a low blow, a guitar shot, and his finisher to John Cena and left him lying. Jimmy Fallon didn’t even try to help his pal John! Sheesh, get your head in the game, Jimmy. Even Jon Stewart got in there and mixed it up with a steel chair every once in a while.

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