A Better Look At Splatoon 2 Upcoming Map & Weapon

Yesterday, as part of our news about the new Splatoon 2 figures, we mentioned that Nintendo will also be releasing a new map and a new weapon with their next update. So we decided to take a better look at both with you. First off, the new weapon, which is being called the Dark Tetra Dualies. This will allow you to dodge roll up to four times while also splattering paint in a dual line pattern. Tink lines for a ski slope before you actually ski. As to what their enhances abilities will be, that has yet to be talked about.


Meanwhile, the new map is called Goby Arena, and is basically a basketball court that is currently playing host to a Splatoon fight with it’s own obstacles on the floor. As you can see from the photos below, this is multi-level and will give you plenty of chances for line-of-sight, sneak attacks, and painting up areas that others may not even think are possible to get to, let alone touch. No official release date has been given yet as to when we can see these added to the game, but if Nintendo is showing off pictures, best bet is within the next month.


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