In the Wake of New DC Comics Social Media and Press Guidelines. Patrick Zircher Quits Twitter

This morning, Bleeding Cool leaked the letter sent to DC Comics creators regarding new DC Comics social media and press guidelines. Here are a few reactions.

DC guidelines to freelancers on using social media “…comments that may be considered insulting, cruel, rude, crass and mean spirited are against company policy and guidelines.”It’s been a while since I worked for DC so I guess I can still say “Fuck you, Trump!”@bleedingcool

— David Hine (@HineDavid) February 13, 2018

Me neither. I picked it up from @bleedingcool

— David Hine (@HineDavid) February 13, 2018

Reading DC’s social media guidelines is just a good reminder that there no longer exists a line differentiating your personal and professional lives anymore.

— Augie De Blieck Jr. (@augiedb) February 13, 2018

Most decided to start following the guidelines immediately by not saying anything. But some appear to have taken it further, with outspoken DC Comics creator Patrick Zircher choosing to take this moment as the time to make a quick announcement.

In the Wake of New DC Comics Social Media and Press Guidelines. Patrick Zircher Quits Twitter

Comic creator and art director, Tim Doyle told Bleeding Cool,

While on the surface it seems like a good step, I think it could have a chilling affect on the free speech of their employees and freelancers. Also- I’m afraid it’s just too broad. There is no mention of homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, or racism. They use catch-all phrases, but it leaves a lot open to interpretation. While obviously they can’t write an “Anti-Ethan Van Sciver policy” (and let’s be clear, Ethan is what it is in response to) I think you’ll see a lot of people who just post political stuff get swept up in this. Also-these are guidelines, and not rules- it contains a lot of recommendations and suggestions, but nothing concrete, and no talk about consequences, in regards to online behavior. I honestly don’t think this will solve anything, and the whiners over at Diversity and Comics will still feel both persecuted by the industry, and enabled by their association with Ethan, as always. I’d much rather see them institute a ‘don’t be a dick’ rule, but I guess that’s not appropriate HR speak.

One DC Comics creator, asking to be anonymous, asked me “This is the only reaction to a veteran DC artist publicly fraternizing with the alt right and targeting minorities?”

While others contacted me worried that all sorts of people could go through DC Comics creator social media history looking for anything to use against them. While others asked how it would affect creators who took a break from DC Comics only to return? Still others saw this new DC Comics social media policy as a way for them to stand out in the marketplace against Marvel Comics, whose creators can be more outspoken.

Lots of people found very contradictory confirmation on their own outlook on things.

Ethan Van Sciver did not respond to inquiries.

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