Sea of Thieves Conducting Another Scale Test This Weekend

In case you’ve still got a hankering for sailing the seven seas and getting scurvy while looking for treasure, you’ll be happy to know that Rare is conducting another Scale Test for Sea of Thieves this weekend for everyone with a beta build to join in on. Now to be very clear with you, this is essentially the same beta you’ve been playing this entire time, so there’s no new additions or things for you personally to test out if you’re thinking of exploring. The entire point of the scale test is to see how well the game performs overall with as many players as it can hold online.

Sea of Thieves

Basically, this is their way of seeing how many people a crowded room can hold before the floor starts feeling like it’s about to cave in. These types of tests are done to make sure that when the game goes live and it’s open for anyone and everyone to purchase, thousands of people can play on a single server and not crash the thing out, while also being able to still hold up in graphics, sound, missions, NPCs, etc. So honestly, if you have access to the beta, get online and have some fun. You’ll have until Sunday, February 25th at 2am PST to play in this beta.

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