Check Out The New Character Trailer For Nintendo’s ‘ARMS’


If you’ve ever wondered what a container of Nickelodeon’s GAK would look like if it came to life and wanted to box, well then, have we got a treat for you. In what looks like a creature spliced together from equal parts DNA of GAK, Gumby, TMNT ooze, and “flubber,’ we have a character called Helix who will be joining the cast of fighters for Nintendo’s upcoming fighter game ARMS. Oddly enough, the guy is called “DNA Man” in Japan. This trailer gives you a good look at the character’s fluid movement (you see what I did there? You see, what I- I’ll move on), and odd punching style that allows him to get the drop on you whenever he feels like it. The game is due out June 12, but we must admit, we really want to try this guy out beforehand.

Check Out The New Character Trailer For Nintendo’s ‘ARMS’

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