‘Warspear Online’ Getting Some Changes With New 6.5 Update

For those of you still digging on Warspear Online, there’s some cool news you’ll enjoy in the latest update. AIGRING has now allowed players to restore deleted characters, as well as made changes for all who fight on the arena and spend gold hand-over-fist waiting for the necessary rare craft job.


The 6.5 update called “Gladiators of Arinar” is now in effect, giving Gladiator’s Chests with new minions, skills and costumes, and new special weapons and equipment of level 25. You’ll also be pleased to discover the monsters will now get you gold after beating them, so forget having to visit merchants after killing them, the gold is given to you immediately. Crafters will also see that you have a list of all the rare craft jobs, so rather than waiting to get to a certain level you can start making those things at any time. Not to mention all unique items of level 26 in all categorie,s and new achievements for mastering craft professions were added as well. The update is totally free right now!

‘Warspear Online’ Getting Some Changes With New 6.5 Update

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