Unhappy Skyforge Players Coined The Hashtag #Lieforge And It Is Great


Allods Team’s Skyforge was not an F2P MMO that I enjoyed playing. For one, you can literally make your character god tier by grinding away long enough, and that would be fine, if there was someway to balance it. There isn’t. The immediate class change feature is also nice, but apparently players have been using it as a way to absolutely destroy multiplayer. I didn’t have that problem in my runs of Skyforge dungeons, but plenty have. And they are not happy.

There’s also the problem that several classes were advertised as being playable at launch, but aren’t yet in game. Even more frustrating is the premium pack. Many players who paid for that pack are unhappy with the contents.

You’d think for a game that’s managed to mostly survive on the bloated PC F2P MMO scene that the team would have done a better job with the console port. Effectively, it’s should be the same game. And yet many things that are free or easily available on PC require a hefty grind on PS4. This poor reception is definitely not what Allods Team were going for, I am certain, but some of these problems could have been fixed with a simple QA run.

In fact, so many players are unhappy about pretty much every aspect of Skyforge that they’ve turned around and started calling it Lieforge, with a very useful hashtag. You can peruse #lieforge yourself if you’d like a good overview of just what went wrong with the game, but here are the basic highlights.

@PSLifeStyle @comadrake @GodsofSkyforge @SkyforgePS4 Even this picture lies about #Skyforge. Theres no Necromancer at launch. Yet they advertise it as a class already in game. #Lieforge

— Berserker Crow (@Massacre_Crow) April 28, 2017

@SkyforgePS4 I was really looking foward to playing this game, but there are so many flaws and shady practices that need to change #Lieforge

— Berserker Crow (@Massacre_Crow) April 28, 2017

@SkyforgePS4 you hate the PS4 community! You gave PC all classes for free, but we have to pay 3 mil just to unlock one! NOT FAIR! #Lieforge

— Berserker Crow (@Massacre_Crow) April 28, 2017

@SkyforgePS4 You also lie about future content! Look at the Necromancer. He was announced a long time ago but guess what? no ETA! #Lieforge

— Berserker Crow (@Massacre_Crow) April 28, 2017

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/glJv1Msfk5 #Lieforge – Are The Dev’s Bullsh*tting Us – What’s Going On With Skyforge PS4 ? (My

— KILL A NOOB (@jonathan1mojica) April 23, 2017

That video is from Youtuber Tennek127 and can be found in full here. Hardbody Crew also has a youtube rant about the game which is below.

My own impressions of the game were definitely unfavorable, but not to the same extent as seen by the community of #Lieforge. While some of the complaints I could see being headed off with a simple “well what did you expect?” especially in the case of the god tier and “premium” benefits package, but a lot of this is just obvious mishandling on the part of the developers.

I’ve reached out to Allods Team to see if they’d like to comment on the criticism, but they sent back no response.

Unhappy Skyforge Players Coined The Hashtag #Lieforge And It Is Great

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