Cars 3 Pizza Planet Truck Easter Egg Revealed

Pixar’s Pizza PLanet Truck in Cars

The coveted Pizza Planet easter from the upcoming Cars 3 has been revealed. Directed by Brian Fee, the latest in the Cars series will see the return of Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen as the aging racing vehicle mounts a final attempt to take back his title as a world champion – following a devastating loss to rising star Jackson Storm (voiced by Armie Hammer).

Featuring a whole host of new faces – including Nathan Fillion as the charming business class coupe named Sterling and Cristela Alonzo as technician and coach named Cruz Ramirez – and returning supporting characters (Larry the Cable Guy as the trusty tow truck Mater), Cars 3 is all set to expand Pixar’s very unique vehicular world. And, of course, it’ll be dependably jam-packed with easter eggs.

A new clip from the film has been released that shows McQueen entering an off-road derby race. The scene appears …

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