DC’s Aquaman Gets a Jason Momoa Makeover

Aquaman Comic Long Hair Beard DCs Aquaman Gets a Jason Momoa Makeover

It’s a new age dawning for Aquaman in the Justice League movie universe, and with a new chapter of Aquaman comics beginning… it only makes sense that the Atlantean hero should get a Jason Momoa make0ver. He’s not the first DC hero to get a re-design closer to the films, but fans of the character shouldn’t worry about a shameless change that’s just skin-deep. With Aquaman #25 coming later this month, Arthur Curry will be taking a tumble that leaves him in a similar spot to the movie’s wayward hero: hunted, without a throne, and with few allies left to count on.

The majority of Aquaman’s “Rebirth” storyline has centered on his attempts …

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