FromSoftware Are Rumored To Be Working On Another Dark Fantasy RPG


Another rumor going around is that developer FromSoftware have a new IP in the works, set in a dark fantasy setting, and are designing it for home consoles. So, you know, something almost exactly like Dark Souls from the makers of Dark Souls.

The rumor was sparked by an ad put out on Silicon Studio’s site for “a temporary job for a 2D designer that would work on a 3D action RPG for home console based on a dark fantasy, realistic world view,” according to DualShockers‘ report.

Now, that ad does not say who the company posting the ad is, but it does reference them as having their headquarters seven minutes from the Sasazuka station on the Keio Line in Tokyo. Which fits FromSoftware’s own description according to their website.

Now, the most interesting part of this rumor is that it’s a temp job, meaning that the project would have to be a specific game that is already well along in development- otherwise that job listing would be more permanent or for a long-term contract. Not exactly temp work. So having a temp listing indicates that, despite Dark Souls being well and truly finished after the events of The Ringed City, FromSoftware are not done with the dark fantasy setting.

Which should be good news for Dark Souls fans. Sure, it won’t be the same, but like Bloodborne, it will very likely be an incredibly similar game structure and difficulty level. Just a new setting, new plot, and probably some interesting new mechanics.

As far as rumors go, this one is definitely plausible. FromSoftware have to be working on other projects, so it isn’t like this came totally out of left field.

FromSoftware Are Rumored To Be Working On Another Dark Fantasy RPG

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