‘Moss’ Is A Lovely VR Tale From Polyarc On The E3 Floor

I’ve had my fair share of bad VR, where a lot of the mechanics feel liek they were untested. However, Moss from Polyarc broke all those old experiences and made me love doing VR again this year in a game that felt smooth and told a good story as you played.


The cute adverterous mouse is that titular character in the storybook adventure where you’ll use a combination of standard controls and grabbing controls. You use a standard controller that shows up as a blue orb on the screen, which you can move over items to drag and move around on an interactive level. A good example would be seeing a statue that’s out of place, which you will reach with you controller to snag and move into place.


Getting use to the controlls takes a little bit of work, but Polyarc didn’t create a large learning curve that was hard to overcome. The entire time I was playing it I had a smile on my face as the story was well told without requiring any dialogue on top of it. I would have sat there and played for another hour if I could, but hopefully the full version will be on the way sooner than later in 2018.


‘Moss’ Is A Lovely VR Tale From Polyarc On The E3 Floor

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