Wonder Woman Movie Theories That Could Be True

Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder. Serving as the final chapter in the DC Extended Universe before the Justice League forms on the big screen, Wonder Woman opens in Regal Cinemas everywhere on June 2nd, 2017. So it’s time to move over Dark Knight, and make way Man of Steel – because it’s finally Wonder Woman’s turn in the blockbuster spotlight.

While the character’s first solo movie may cover the Amazon princess’s origins and her very first mission, it will also be helping to set up the mythology and fictional history of DC’s Earth (and its ultimate team of superpowered heroes before Justice League). But the fans who have been following the rumors, speculation, and fan conversations from the start know Wonder Woman may also introduce audiences to new villains, new heroes, and even new superpowers for its star.

To see how many of these rumors prove to …

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