The Flash: “I Know Who You Are” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

More than any other superhero series on TV these days, The Flash really seems to enjoy milking its big mysteries and identity reveals as long as possible. The show already waited an unusually long time to deliver the long-awaited Savitar revea. Now even as that episode finally arrived, the show worked to draw out the big moment until the very end. The result is that “I Know Who You Are” featured a handful of strong moments separated by too much filler.

For much of the episode, the emphasis was less on Savitar himself than Caitlin, who’s now in full-on Killer Frost mode and happy to work for this speedster villain just as her Earth-2 self once served Zoom. It was nice to see Killer Frost take point again. I wrote an editorial a few months back arguing that Caitlin, not Savitar, should have been the big villain of Season 3. I still feel that way, honestly. Even knowing who’s underneath that armor, somehow Caitlin’s betrayal of the team still packs the bigger emotional punch. Rather than fight against that, I hope the writers really embrace Caitlin’s importance in these final few episodes and make her just as crucial to the conflict as Savitar.

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