The Disaster Artist Trailer: James Franco Is Tommy Wiseau

David Franco and James Franco in The Disaster Artist

A24 has unveiled the first trailer for James Franco’s directorial effort The Disaster Artist, which chronicles the making of the iconic cult classic The Room. In the film, Franco plays Tommy Wiseau, the man largely responsible for giving the world what has been referred to as the “Citizen Kane of bad movies.” Originally released in 2003, The Room was widely panned by critics due to its bizarre storytelling and poor technical aspects – but those same attributes earned it a sizable following on the midnight circuit in the years since. Moviegoers now enjoy watching The Room with a crowd in a theater, with screenings featuring such traditions as throwing spoons and footballs at the screen, as well as openly mocking the movie’s quality.

The Room is a work of art so baffling, some wonder how it was made in the first place. The book The Disaster Artist (written by Wiseau’s co-star Greg Sestero) looked to examine …

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