Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #17 Review


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #17 is very much a fresh start for both the Rangers themselves and their readers. This issue marks the start of writer Kyle Higgins and artist Hendry Prasetya’s next major story arc. Predictably, it’s a bit of a slow burn for the series as it moves forward from the recent, climactic showdown with Lord Drakkon. However, it does afford the creators the opportunity to dig in a little deeper with their main characters and allow the team dynamic to shine all the more.

This issue opens several months after the battle with Drakkon and the apparent defeat of Rita Repulsa. An era of unexpected peace has dawned across the world, a fact which inspires a mixed range of emotions throughout the team. Some Rangers, like Trini and Kim, would like nothing more than to enjoy their newfound peace and quiet. Others, like Jason, can’t quite seem to let their guard down. This issue only really hints at the challenges to come for the team, but it does just enough to build anticipation for the months ahead.

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