Death Star Trench Run Remade With LEGO #StarWarsDay

We’re done with Death Stars. Absolutely finished.

Thank the Rebellion and their successor, the Resistance, for blowing all three of them up! That’s all they’re good for. They get constructed over years and years only to be used once before expiring thanks to some design flaw and I guess, Han Solo. RIP.

Even after three of them were explosively dismantled over the course of seven installments of the live-action Star Wars saga, the first Anthology film – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – just had to go back to tell another Death Star story, a war movie that explained the flaw of the original weapon of mass destruction. That flaw allowed the Rebel Alliance launch a starfighter attack that saw Red Squadron X-Wings and Gold Squadron Y-Wings assault the small moon-esque starbase via its trench. And now you can see it all again in LEGO!

Death Star Trench Run Remade With LEGO #StarWarsDay

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