The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Porn Parody Trailer Somehow Contains Less Sex Than The Series Itself

Compliments of the porn company Brazzers, here is the (safe for work, except for a cuss or two) trailer for Queen of Thrones, A Brazzers XXX Parody of Game of Thrones — the hit HBO series that already contains what most of us would consider to be a fair amount of explicit sex scenes. (Side note: I mean how could they even top this? With a straight up of parody of actual porn? And would that just be like, the Airplane! or Scary Movie of porn?)

At any rate, the four-part series, which premieres on July 30 and runs through August 20, is a sequel to Brazzers popular Storm of Kings, A Brazzers XXX Parody, which came out in 2016. The new pornography series will apparently tackle the “epic battle between Dead Walkers and the people of Westerness in a fight for human survival.” And lots and lots of boinking, presumably!

According to a press release:

We return to the Brazzers world of Westerness, where a sudden rise of Dead Walkers threatens the very existence of humans in the land. The threat of the undead is confronted by John Doe (Xander Corvus); humanity has a warrior. However, in an effort to warn the corrupt Queen Sexcei (Rebecca Moore) of the impending threat to her kingdom, Doe is jailed and left helpless – until the mysterious appearance of The Red Woman (Romi Rain). Doe is freed and, as a fugitive on the run, must decide whether to return to save the people of Queen Sexcei’s kingdom from an undead coup. Unheeded warnings may cost Queen Sexcei her kingdom, and Westerness its most steadfast warrior.

Not to lay in with some hard takes, but it’s like the art of porn parody pun names has been completely lost. Points for Queen Sexcei, I guess, but John Doe isn’t even sex-related and The Red Woman is literally just the nickname of the character of Melisandre in the actual Game of Thrones. Plus “Dead Walkers” just sounds like a mashup of the White Walkers and Walking Dead. Come on, guys, work with us here.

Anyway, you can check out some more (equally safe for work) promotional stills, and the trailer for last summer’s Storm of Kings below.

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