In Wake Of Secret Empire’s Diamond Chart Victory*, Nick Spencer Delivers Twitter Acceptance Speech


“You like me! You really like me!” was the theme of beleaguered comic book writer Nick Spencer’s Twitter feed Friday morning after Diamond’s sales charts revealed Secret Empire #0 took the #1 spot for the month*, helping Marvel to a victory in dollar share, unit share, and percentage of top ten. Yay!

However, Secret Empire’s win must come with an asterisk for now, as Bleeding Cool Rumormonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston pointed out that sales for Batman #21 (The Button) were split into two listings, one for the lenticular cover and one without, taking both the second and seventh spots on the chart. Is Batman #21 actually the top selling comic of April 2017? We don’t know for sure yet, but that didn’t stop Nick Spencer from taking to Twitter to celebrate the big win*, tweeting just before the numbers came out:

Think we’re gonna have some good news about SECRET EMPIRE to share shortly…

— Nick Spencer (@nickspencer) May 5, 2017

Spencer was referring, of course, to the sales victory*, thanking retailers, readers, and the Academy for helping him achieve his dream:

There we go. Retailers and readers– thank you, thank you, thank you for making SECRET EMPIRE 0 the best-selling comic of April 2017!

— Nick Spencer (@nickspencer) May 5, 2017

Spencer also referred to Marvel’s competition as “stiff” and thanked everyone involved in making the comic:

.@Marvel Thank you again to all our retailer friends– who really helped hype this one via the advance pdf. And everyone who pre-ordered!

— Nick Spencer (@nickspencer) May 5, 2017

No thanks for Dan Didio and his love of lenticular covers, sadly, or to Diamond for deciding that Batman #21 was actually two comics. But it’s impossible to remember everyone at a time like this. Spencer promised, or threatened, depending on your perspective, more to come:

.@Marvel We’re just getting started, and all of us working on this book are giving it everything we’ve got. We truly appreciate your support.

— Nick Spencer (@nickspencer) May 5, 2017

Look, even if it turns out that Secret Empire lost to Batman in April, second place isn’t bad. But if that’s revealed to be the case, will Spencer amend his stance and congratulate DC for coming out on top? Er… maybe not.

Secret Empire #1 is in stores now, and issues #2 and #3 are due out later this month.

In Wake Of Secret Empire’s Diamond Chart Victory*, Nick Spencer Delivers Twitter Acceptance Speech

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