Acer XG270HU FreeSync 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review

Acer’s XG270HU FreeSync Gaming Monitor is a great option for PC gamers looking to upgrade to 1440p without spending big money on lots of bells and whistles. The XG/B series is the company’s midrange monitor line with more emphasis on gaming than its entry-level models, but also a step below the company’s high-quality, high-priced Predator series. Compared to the Predator line you get fewer features for a lot less money, as the XG270HU is just around $440 on Amazon compared to a similarly equipped Predator model at $778. The XG model I’m looking at its its midrange 1440p model with FreeSync and 144Hz refresh rate, and there’s also a similar model with the XB designation that has G-Sync as well if you’re on the green team. Let’s take a closer look.

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