Things You Don’t Expect To See In A Five Guys…The Avengers

There is a massive debate in this country. A debate that can tear the nation apart…and no, I’m not talking about healthcare. I’m talking about In-N-Out vs. Five Guys.

I’ve been hearing about this for years, but as an L.A. native, I’d only recently had the chance to try In-N-Out. And while it’s a pretty good burger, it’s not my favorite. What’s next? Well, there’s a Five Guys by my house, so I made my first trip over to see the other side of the debate. And what did I find?

The freaking Avengers.

The new restaurant has Five Guys-related magazine articles and newspaper pages hanging from the walls. But in one corner, there were pages from the Avengers, where members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are debating In-N-Out versus Five Guys. It shows the cover and an interior page from Avengers Millennium #1 with the quote, “Five Guys. Best burgers in New York.” From Spider-Man. Funny how they chose not to show Hawkeye’s follow up: “Until they build an In-N-Out.” At least writer Mike Costa stayed neutral, having the characters voice both sides of the debate.

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Things You Don’t Expect To See In A Five Guys…The Avengers

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