DC Files Trademark For A Joker-Themed Slot Machine

You know what they say about gambling with the devil: Never bet the house. Same could be said for the Joker, as you’ll most likely watch it burn to the ground. But it looks like soon you’ll be able to play slots with him, if DC obtains the trademark they just filed for.


Online documents show that DC Comics applied for a trademark on a slot machine called “Joker’s Heist” on April 24, which is still currently pending. Provided they receive the trademark, you could be seeing a game make its way to Vegas by year’s end, as we’ve previously seen it takes roughly six to eight months for slot machines to make their way into the market after securing a high-profile name.

With any luck, the game will be voiced by Mark Hamill and feature a much more ghastly version of the Joker than the more cartoonish Batman-related gambling games you’ll find.

DC Files Trademark For A Joker-Themed Slot Machine

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