Birth of the Dragon: Exclusive Bruce Lee Training Clip

George Nolfi’s (The Adjustment Bureau) Bruce Lee biopic Birth of the Dragon opens in theaters next week and we have an exclusive clip from the film featuring the incredible training sequences the martial arts legend committed to. Additional young Bruce Lee training sequences are teased in the first Birth of the Dragon trailer.

Birth of the Dragon is loosely based on the legendary fight between Bruce Lee and Chinese kung fu master Wong Jack Man in 1960’s San Francisco… though it’s decidedly a fun, kick-ass martial arts action-flick rather than a serious biopic. George Nolfi – who wrote Ocean’s Twelve and The Bourne Ultimatum, and directed The Adjustment Bureau – helms the unconventional piece

This particular match between Wong Jack Man and Lee is a mysterious one, supposedly a private battle where Lee defeated the master in order to settle a dispute over Lee’s controversial teaching in San Francisco. So, instead of documenting fact …

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