The Leftovers: “G’Day Melbourne” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Kevin and Nora headed to Australia this week in the fantastic and frantic “G’Day Melbourne,” each experiencing their own deeply personal existential crisis and then ultimately breaking up in the final moments. For good, we can probably assume (from the premiere’s flash-forward and — well — the number of episodes left). I mean, there’s a chance for reconciliation, sure, but having Ray LaMontagne’s “This Love is Over” play un-ironically over this week’s opening credits suggests a permanence to the split.

As much as I adore Kevin and Nora as a couple, and relish the season finales that came before this year where the two of them seemed to both find and embrace the idea of a reconstructed family in a broken world, they are both fundamentally shattered people. And the scab that got picked at back in “Don’t Be Ridiculous,” regarding Nora’s ever-present longing for her lost children, was ripped off here as she headed to Melbourne with the intent of joining them — AKA possibly being disintegrated by scam artists.

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